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Sustainability Days 2024

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Boston Consulting Group Zürich, Switzerland
Use Case

How AI Can Speed Climate Action

As the clock ticks towards 2030, discover how AI's revolutionary capabilities could be the key to achieving the Paris Agreement's ambitious climate targets. Is technology our ultimate ally in the climate battle?

Helbling Gruppe Zürich, Switzerland

Product Sustainability - Navigating Tradeoffs and Going Beyond Intuition

The path to enhancing product sustainability is fraught with complexities, particularly when considering its impact on cost, performance, and convenience.

Gruner AG Basel, Switzerland
Product / Service

Tell the story of your city's development - with clear goals and transparent implementation

sustbl, our innovative software solution, makes a difference in urban development: it tells the transformation of your city as a comprehensible story. Combined with detailed data analysis, sustbl offers a unique platform to feel and shape the pulse of your city.

Equans Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland

Smart City - experience intelligent solutions for a more sustainable future

The «smallest smart city in the world» is located in Niedergösgen. On our company site, visitors can experience smart applications and technologies in a real-life environment.

Oracle Software (Schweiz) GmbH Zürich, Switzerland
Product / Service

Sustainable Transformation: From Vision to Action

At Oracle, innovations extend across sustainable cloud operations and cloud applications that help our customers run their own businesses at lower costs and with less energy use. Join our session and booth S07 to learn more.

Noriware AG Lupfig, Switzerland
Use Case

Embracing Nature's Design

In a world craving convenience, Noriware pioneers the sustainable path with innovative seaweed-based packaging. Marrying nature's circular wisdom with our lifestyle, it offers a planet-friendly alternative to plastic. A small change for a massive impact.

Ocean Spirit Bern, Switzerland
Product / Service

For wine lovers with a heart for the ocean

Imagine you are sitting by the ocean, a light summer breeze is blowing in your face, the sun is slowly setting and you are enjoying a delicious glass of wine. With every sip of wine, you see a handful of rubbish magically disappear from the ocean. Welcome to the world of Ocean Spirit!

Sustainability Days Basel, Switzerland
Media release

The meeting place for sustainable economies, smart cities and environmental technology ends on a high note.

This year's Sustainability Days focused on promoting sustainable development in the areas of cities, regions, the environment and the economy. The two-day event ended successfully yesterday, bringing together some 100 partners, exhibitors and 120 speakers.

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Allschwil, Switzerland

More Noise in the Sustainability Debate

Noise is an integral part of our everyday life. Yet, it is barely ever mentioned in the sustainability debate. Martin Röösli, environmental epidemiologist at Swiss TPH, explains why this urgently needs to change.

Innosuisse 3003 Bern, Switzerland

Innovation Booster Plastics for Zero Emission: Moving the world with Swiss innovation

Sustainable innovations are created when all success factors are taken into account right from the start: Customer need, feasibility, economic viability. Innosuisse supports innovation boosters that stimulate the development and testing of radically new ideas in interdisciplinary teams.

Sustainability Days 2024

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