Product / Service Sustainability Days 2024

Promoting Sustainable Events with a Strategic Approach

In the events industry, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of adopting sustainable practices in every aspect of the organisation. Sustainable events not only reduce environmental impact, but also promote social responsibility and community awareness.

Acting Responsibly is a Swiss-based social entrepreneurship committed to supporting organisations in developing a strategic approach to social responsibility, considering sustainability from all angles.

Conferences, concerts, sporting events or trade fairs often generate large amounts of waste and consume natural resources. However, adopting sustainable practices can greatly reduce this negative impact on the environment and society. Reduce, reuse and recycle are some of the key principles to make an event sustainable.

It is not only about avoiding harmful actions, but also about implementing good practices that increase the positive impact of events on the local community. Working with local suppliers, promoting diversity and inclusion, and actively participating in social initiatives can help improve the social and economic fabric of the region where the event is held.

Acting Responsibly offers solutions to help event organisers become more sustainable, through the application of the ISO 20121 standard and/or the implementation of a Sustainable Event Management System using a dedicated tool.

Sustainable events are not just a trend, but a necessity to address the environmental and social challenges of today's world. With a collective commitment to greener and socially responsible practices, we can turn events into opportunities to inspire positive change and build a better future for future generations.

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