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How much sustainability is there in your event?

Everyone wants to become more sustainable, including the event industry. But how to measure how sustainable an event is? We have the solution for you.

Extravagant light shows, loud music and tons of waste left behind - at first glance, events and festivals don't seem to have much in common with sustainability - at least from an ecological perspective. However, humans are playful creatures and events play an important cultural and social role. It's just a matter of knowing how to organize events so that the three dimensions of sustainability - society, environment and economy - are balanced. So events - whether small or large - do not have to be at odds with sustainable development.

You can't manage without measuring

The first step in improving your own event is to measure how sustainable you already are.

The Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS) can do just that and much more. The SEMS is a web-based tool that monitors the sustainability performance of events and at the same time provides important data for reporting. Organizers enter their data on the most important sustainability topics such as catering, procurement, waste, mobility, safety, inclusion, volunteering, water and energy. The tool then performs calculations that show the overall performance of the event in relation to sustainability as a percentage. This allows the sustainability performance of an event to be monitored year after year. 

The tool not only calculates the overall performance, it also allows you to compare your own event with other events in the same category. An emissions calculator is also integrated, which automatically calculates the CO2 emissions of the event based on the data entered.

The web tool displays the most important data in a clearly laid out results sheet. This can be used for sustainability reporting.

The first of its kind

The SEMS tool combines over 10 years of development and experience in the field of sustainable event management. The calculations are carried out on the basis of internationally recognized benchmarks. More than 20 different event types can be selected so that the calculations can be tailored precisely to your own event.

More than 600 events are already registered on the platform, providing a large pool of comparison options. The tool provides explanations and assistance when entering data. In addition, we at Acting Responsibly support those responsible for sustainability with step-by-step instructions as required. The platform is currently available in three different languages: German, English and French.

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