Nicole Probst-Hensch

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Full Professor of Public Health

Short description

Approved research projectsEvidence-based Transformation in Pesticide Governance (SINERGIA; Co-Investigator; Ongoing)

HBM4EU (Horizon 2020; Co-Investigator/Grant Signatory and Project Lead Switzerland; Ongoing)

EXPANSE (Horizon 2020; Co-Investigator; Ongoing)SAPALDIA Cohort & Biobank (SNSF; PI; Ongoing)

Exposomics (EU FP7; Co-Investigator/WP Lead Database; Terminated)

ALEC (Horizon 2020) (Co-Investigator/WP Lead Epigenetics; Terminated)

CoDuBu-Cote d’Ivoire Dual Disease Burden (Novartis Foundation) (Co-Principle Investigator; Terminated)

Sirene (SNSF Sinergia; Co-Investigator; Terminated)

Swiss National Biobanking Platform (SNSF; Co- Investigator; Terminated)

ProDoc Gene-Environment Interactions in CODP, SAPALDIA (SNSF; PITerminated)

Oxidativer Stress Reflex: Genetische Variabilität im Hämoxygenase-Gen, Herzrhythmusvariabilität und Lungenfunktion (UBS Wealth Foundation; PI, terminated)

Association between plasma alpha-1-antitrypsin Concentrations and 11-year course of lung functionamong adult smokers in the SAPALDIA cohort (Olga Mayenfisch Stiftung; PI;Terminated)

Luftschadstoffe, Rauchen, oxidativer Stresshaushalt, genetische Prädisposition und Lungenfunktion (Lung League Zürich; PI, Terminated)

Genetic Markers and Respiratory Disease (Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft) (PI, Terminated)Aromatase and Breast Cancer Risk, (SNSF Prosper; PI, Terminated)

Genetic variants of aromatase in breast cancer (University of Californa; PI, Terminated)

Supervision of junior researchers at graduate and postgraduate level (summary information, the names of the junior researchers should be indicated)