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Smart City

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our city centers without cameras to ensure public safety. We give cities a voice! In this newsletter, you can find out more about audio technology in smart cities and download our exclusive white paper.

Communication is crucial in densely populated urban areas. Intercom systems enable fast two-way communication with a control center. There are a wide variety of intercom solutions for cities to ensure fast response times in emergencies and efficient processes. Because a smart city is always a safe city. Further information and many application examples can be found in our new Smart City Whitepaper:


Commend audio terminals offer direct connections to emergency services and increase safety in the city. In an emergency, the emergency call button enables rapid assistance and can even save lives. These help points are also used when it is not possible to call for help using a cell phone, for example in cases of domestic violence.

Information boards near transportation points and points of interest can help strangers explore the city and contribute to increased visitor satisfaction. These boards can be complemented by Ivy, our award-winning Conversational AI-based intercom voice assistant. Ivy provides answers to frequently asked questions in multiple languages. Help and info points can be installed separately or combined.

Communication is important in critical situations to ensure proactive security. Emergency call points and talking cameras can be combined to create a security island. Employees at the control station can monitor the situation via video transmission and mobilize security forces. Loudspeaker announcements can help to evacuate areas.