Product / Service Sustainability Days 2024

Reducing Ecological Footprint with Strong Partnerships

As an innovative IT company, Klein Computer System AG offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire IT lifecycle. In doing so, it places great importance on holistic sustainability.

Klein Computer System AG stands out in the IT sector for its commitment to sustainability and digital transformation. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Volketswil in the Zurich Airport Region, the company offers comprehensive IT services, including consulting, implementation, operation, and repair of IT systems. With a dedicated team and partnerships with leading manufacturers such as HP, HPE, Aruba, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Fortinet, the company provides a wide range of IT solutions to its customers.

"Device as a Service" (DaaS)

A central aspect of the company's philosophy is sustainability in information technology. Klein Computer System AG is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of the IT industry by focusing on recycling, reusing, and using more environmentally friendly materials. This also includes the concept of "Device as a Service" (DaaS), which extends the lifespan of devices and improves resource efficiency.

The company is a proud HP Catalyst 4-star partner in the HP Amplify Impact Program, which focuses on promoting sustainability, climate protection, human rights, and digital justice. Participation in this program demonstrates Klein's commitment to a circular and low-carbon economy.

Strong Commitment to Sponsoring

Klein Computer System AG's vision for the future includes an increasingly virtual and mobile IT world, in which data protection measures and cloud business will continue to gain in importance. With its expertise in digital arenas and a wide range of managed services, the company has also established itself in the sports and entertainment market. It is heavily involved in the world of sports and sponsors various organizations and events.

Sustainability Initiatives in Detail

Klein Computer System AG has implemented several initiatives to promote sustainability in IT. Among other things, Klein Computer System AG is a co-initiator of the ICT circular economy project, together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich - Wirtschaftsnetzwerk & Standortentwicklung (

  • Reuse and upcycling of ICT hardware: The company supports customers in reusing and upcycling used ICT hardware to extend its lifespan and reduce electronic waste.
  • Secure data deletion: Klein Computer System AG ensures that data is securely deleted when ICT devices are handed in to prevent data breaches.
  • Energy efficiency and resource conservation: The company optimizes hardware, software, and operating processes to minimize energy consumption and resource usage.
  • Partnership with HP Amplify Impact Program: Klein Computer System AG is a proud HP Catalyst 4-Star Partner committed to sustainability, climate protection, human rights, and digital justice.

Benefits of Sustainability

Klein Computer System AG's sustainability initiatives offer numerous advantages for customers and the environment:

  • Cost savings: Energy efficiency and resource conservation lead to lower operating costs.
  • Reduced ecological footprint: Reusing and upcycling hardware and optimizing processes reduce CO2 emissions and electronic waste.
  • Improved social responsibility: The company promotes ethical standards and contributes to social added value.
  • Competitive advantage: Companies that implement sustainable IT practices can gain a competitive advantage as consumers and investors increasingly prefer sustainable business models.

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