Product / Service Sustainability Days 2024

More targeted use of medical devices with AI

Benjamin Hermberg, CTO at Intersys Zuchwil, views AI not as a decision-maker but as an assistant. Intersys has been leveraging AI for its clients for an extended period. One illustrative example is Ivaluation, a device employing a graphical interface to demonstrate the use of the medical equipment.

The innovative Ivaluation device was developed in cooperation with a Swiss university hospital. With Ivaluation, a hospital can utilize a graphical interface to identify when and how its medical devices should be used. This makes it possible to, for example, identify areas of excessive power consumption and optimize maintenance and service intervals.

Therefore, AI helps hospitals avoid poor investments. Only by employing machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to recognize conditions is it possible to collect and analyze such complex data, thus enabling the formulation of appropriate statements.

Find out more about Ivaluation here.

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