Product / Service Sustainability Days 2024

Mobility Budget: a solution for flexible commuting

A mobility budget presents an innovative solution for companies to offer their employees flexible and sustainable transportation options. Employees are provided with a predetermined budget, giving them the freedom to fulfill their individual commuting needs.

Benefits for Employees

Financial relief: Employees benefit from financial assistance for their mobility expenses, resulting in significant relief for their individual budgets.

Increased flexibility: Mobility budgets provide employees with even more flexibility in choosing their preferred and sustainable modes of transportation.

Promotion of active lifestyle: Mobility budgets enable employees to choose more active means of transportation, contributing to improved physical well-being.

Benefits for Companies

Employee retention and attractiveness: Mobility budgets enhance employee retention by showcasing companies as supportive and forward-thinking, thereby increasing their attractiveness as employers and facilitating recruitment.

Sustainable image and environmental impact: Companies offering mobility budgets demonstrate commitment to sustainability, enhancing their image and promoting eco-friendly practices, which reduces environmental impact.

Financial incentives without salary increase: By boosting employees' purchasing power without direct salary increases, companies can enhance their attractiveness as employers while improving their financial efficiency.

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