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Innovation Booster Swiss Smart Cities: Moving the world with Swiss innovation

Sustainable innovations are created when all success factors are taken into account right from the start: Customer need, feasibility, economic viability. Innosuisse supports innovation boosters that stimulate the development and testing of radically new ideas in interdisciplinary teams.

The Innovation Booster Swiss Smart Cities involves more than 50 partners from research, industry, the public sector and innovation promotion. It aims to accelerate the transformation of existing but often isolated smart cities into a network of learning smart cities. With the help of agile methods and formats such as design thinking, co-creation, hackathons etc., common problems are identified and radical ideas for solutions are promoted that create public added value for smart cities and regions throughout Switzerland. Innovation calls for courage and a spirit of discovery!

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About Innosuisse

Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. By strengthening Swiss science-based innovation and entrepreneurship, Innosuisse contributes to the sustainable economic, social and ecological development on a national and global scale.

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