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Innovation Booster: Moving the world with Swiss innovation

Sustainable innovations are created when all success factors are taken into account right from the start: Customer need, feasibility, economic viability. Innosuisse supports innovation boosters that stimulate the development and testing of radically new ideas in interdisciplinary teams.

The Innovation Booster – Living Labs for Decarbonisation carries out activities to promote technological and social innovation in the field of energy through a public-private people partnership, transferring knowledge and co-design solutions by using open innovation and design thinking methods.

Ten Living Labs throughout Switzerland work with local implementation partners, researchers and citizens on topics such as mobility, digitalisation, energy efficiency and circular economy. We use our ideas platform, e-learning, open lab days and innovation camps to boost innovative projects for the decarbonisation of energy.

More about the Innovation Booster "Living Labs for Decarbonisation"

About Innosuisse

Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. By strengthening Swiss science-based innovation and entrepreneurship, Innosuisse contributes to the sustainable economic, social and ecological development on a national and global scale.

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