Presentation SmartSuisse 2023

For Quality of Life

The digital logistics system Cargo sous terrain (CST) will connect Switzerland's major cities from 2031. CST relieves the burden on rails and roads, reduces enissions and ensures the punctual delivery of goods for everyone.

Cargo sous terrain (CST) will provide Switzerland with a privately financed and automated overall logistics system starting in 2031. It will ensure punctual ans sustainable deliveries of goods and guarantee the competitiveness of the economy and the high quality of life of Switzerland. CST will transport and distribute small-scale goods continuously and reliably. The backbone of the system is a 490-kilometre tunnel system from Geneva to St. Gallen and from Basel to Lucerne, with an additional branch connecting Berne with Thun. The first section of the network runs from Härkingen to Zurich and is about 70 kilometres long. The CST city-logistics system ties in seamlessly with the tunnel, provides access to the cities and uses synergies in above-ground supply and disposal.

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