Use Case Sustainability Days 2024

Energy strategy for the Basel port area

Rhenus Alpina AG brought in Swiss energy utility IWB to help them devise a strategic plan of the site’s energy system. IWB in turn, realizing the importance of an integrated ecosystem, motivated the larger port players to take part in the project.

IWB offered the consortium (Port of Switzerland, Rhenus Alpina AG and Ultra-Brag AG) comprehensive consulting including scenario building using a digital energy twin, Sympheny's holistic modeling capabilities, to make robust and objective strategic decisions and find the optimal energy design that would maximize self-production while minimizing costs.


Given the port’s future development plans and sustainability objectives, Rhenus Alpina AG was already considering installing a third PV system. Extending on the current planning and according to first calculations, the full potential would lead to an overproduction of more than 6 GWh and would be the opportunity to generate additional revenues from this exploitation.

On this basis, IWB had the challenge of proposing a holistic energy concept that would allow the site’s energy system to become net positive. They also had to further consider the expansion of the port’s photovoltaic system, network individual buildings to increase local consumption, and potentially use battery storage. 


As maximizing interconnection in the electricity sector was identified as the lowest-risk strategy, the question of whether the electricity community should be extended to other port areas and companies can be answered in further studies. 

Other companies on-site could be included as further participants and possibly other larger heating and cooling plants in the immediate vicinity. These networking possibilities could be examined in greater depth (regulatory, technical, commercial) in the future.

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