Know-How Sustainability Days 2024

Enabling a Purposeful Supply Chain Evolution

Oracle is a partner of the "Supply Chain Evolution" project, which is led by the University of St.Gallen as well as the Bern University of Applied Sciences and supported by InnoSuisse. The aim is to enable companies to manage their supply chain strategy in a targeted manner.

Companies have been under the spotlight to display tangible progress when it comes to ESG initiatives. Supply chain processes impact ESG efforts, and companies must understand sustainability beyond procurement and cost reduction efforts, and across the end-to-end value chain. Furthermore, supply chains must also be resilient to disruptions in a VUCA world.

Check out the Oracle Sustainable Supply Chain Brief and learn more on how companies can embed sustainable supply chains into their business operations and adopt circular economy strategies with a more sustainable supply chain.

Supply Chain Viability, the simultaneous consideration of cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability, is crucial for the future of sustainable business practices. The University of St. Gallen published in collaboration with Oracle a pioneering whitepaper on this topic back in 2020. On this basis, the “Supply Chain Evolution” project was launched. It investigates the links and areas of tension between cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in supply chains. In recent months, the project consortium has developed a reference model for the concept of Supply Chain Viability and analyzed requirements of various stakeholders for long-term profitable companies. The next step is to develop metrics to effectively measure the viability of supply chains. The ultimate objective is to quantify these metrics to create a comprehensive dashboard that enables companies to purposefully steer their supply chain strategy.

If you would like to stay up to date with the project progress, follow the project on LinkedIn. Over the next few months there will be whitepapers published as well as workshops, podcasts and webinars organized.

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