Product / Service Sustainability Days 2024

Benefits platform for employee mobility

Guudies offers access to the largest sustainable mobility network on one platform. With Guudies, you provide your employees with access to various discounted mobility options, creating incentives to make commuting sustainable while also increasing purchasing power.

The benefits platform for sustainable commuter mobility

We are shaping commuting sustainably. Guudies is your platform for employee mobility benefits. In collaboration with local and national mobility providers, we offer employees a wide range of sustainable mobility options for their daily commute to work.

Wide range of sustainable mobility options

Prominent mobility providers offer your employees exclusive discounts for purchasing, renting, or subscribing to various mobility options. Whether it's bikes/e-bikes, shared micromobility, ridepooling/-sharing & -hailing, bike parking stations, MaaS apps, accessories/services, and many more – you'll find the widest selection of sustainable and flexible mobility solutions with us!

Mobility budget

A mobility budget is an innovative solution that allows companies to provide their employees with flexible and sustainable transportation. Employees receive a predetermined budget that gives them the freedom to meet their individual commuting needs. Whether it's monthly allocations or annual budgets – the choice is up to the company.

Employees use the mobility budget according to their individual preferences and needs for purchasing, renting, or sharing means of transportation such as bicycles, e-bikes, public transport, or carsharing. This flexibility enables a tailored, sustainable mobility solution that best supports their lifestyle and commuting needs.

Further information is available on our website.

Let's work together to make commuter traffic sustainable!

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