Coop Genossenschaft

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The Coop Group operates in the retail as well as wholesale and production sectors.

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Active in retail as well as wholesale and production

In the retail sector, Coop operates supermarkets and various specialist formats in Switzerland. The Coop Group is the market leader in many of these formats. In wholesale, the Coop Group operates in Germany, Poland, Romania, France, Austria, Switzerland and latterly in Spain through Transgourmet. The Transgourmet Group is Europe’s second-largest cash & carry and food service company. In the production sector, the internationally active Bell Food Group is the biggest company in the Coop Group. In addition to the Bell Food Group, the Coop Group also operates other manufacturing companies in Switzerland.

The Coop Group is a cooperative

The Coop Group has a history that goes back over 150 years and it has always been structured along cooperative lines. At the organizational level, it is divided into six regions and has over 2.5 million cooperative members. For the Coop Group, the focus is on the customers - the members of the cooperative. It gears all its efforts to their needs. As a cooperative, the Coop Group does not strive to maximize profits; because of this, it plans and invests sustainably for the long term.