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We specialize in the treatment of residual materials and the recovery of recyclable materials. The innovative technologies and processes form the basis for the exemplary, economic-ecological recovery of recyclable materials.

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About us

AIK Technik AG is the plant manufacturer for residual waste treatment and recovery of recyclable materials. Conscious of our duty, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact for the next generations and to achieve the best sustainability through our special processes and technologies in the different fields. Our innovative technologies form the basis for the exemplary, economical and ecological recovery of recyclable materials. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to also make an active contribution to global resource and climate protection with our processes.

Anlagenbau ingenieure

 Engineering and system supplier


As a system supplier, we providethe complete package of a total contractor, from engineering and planning to commissioning. We are specialized in treatment plants for soils and excavated material, as well as for sewer and drilling sludge using modern clarification technology and flexible systems for drainage. We also have a new process for the optical sorting of gravel, which is an optimal addition, especially for construction material recycling. Furthermore, we offer an innovative world novelty for the optimal treatment of bottom ash from waste incineration. We also provideall components for solid waste incineration plants, such as FAW (acid fly ash washing), mercury separation, and wastewater treatment.



Thanks to our own independent laboratory, we are always in a position to carry out expert laboratory and operational analyses and to provide our customers with competent support and assistance in troubleshooting, as well as process and operational optimization. We use different analytical methods (water, solids), which are successfully applied in the optimization of existing processes, as well as in the application of new process developments.


Assembly, after-sales service, and maintenance

We have our own spare parts warehouse and assembly team. Services are therefore available and ready for use at any time. Our after-sales service with the delivery and management of spare and worn parts is an integral part of our quality management.