Main focuses

The Sustainability Days are a platform for Smart City, Sustainable Economy and Environmental Technology.

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Smart City Sustainable Economy Environmental Technology

Smart City

When the SmartSuisse was first held in 2017, it was the first platform to focus on smart cities. In the meantime, the topic has become an important and indispensable part of many cities and municipalities and SmartSuisse has become the leading smart city platform in Switzerland. By transferring SmartSuisse into the Sustainability Days, they bring together decision-makers from cities and municipalities, the economy, science as well as associations and create a dialogue. The mix of exhibition and congress creates a perfect symbiosis and the opportunity for an exciting exchange.

With its focus on Smart City, the Sustainability Days is aimed at all stakeholders who want to actively and sustainably shape the urban life of tomorrow:

  • Decision-makers from the political and administrative sector of cities, municipalities, cantons, and national authorities
  • Business leaders and innovation managers from the areas of public transportation, energy, and healthcare
  • Companies and service providers from the areas of mobility services, smart city infrastructure solutions, ICT solutions and applications
  • Clients, developers, and investors
  • Spatial and traffic planners


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Sustainable Economy

The Re' Summit was held for the first time as part of the Sustainability Days 2023 and will be held again at the Sustainability Days 2024 with a focus on the sustainable economy. This will bring together responsible persons from companies, cantons, cities and municipalities as well as organisations, certification bodies and universities. The combination of exhibition and congress will enable an exchange of knowledge and an inspiring exchange.

It is aimed at companies, public bodies and all other exponents who want to deal with the topic of sustainability in depth and report on it:

  • Companies based in Switzerland
  • Cantons, cities, and municipalities
  • National organisations such as DEZA, BAFU, EMPA, etc.
  • Federations and associations
  • International organisations
  • Universities and technical colleges
  • Consultants (sustainability / management consultancies)
  • Certification bodies
  • Suppliers of products / services in the field of sustainability (e.g. finance)


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Environmental Technology

An important aspect of the long-standing MUT - Trade Fair for Environmental Technology is the synergies among related environmental technology topics. The time demands on many experts today are very high and it is often no longer possible to attend many different trade events. With the focus on environmental technology, suppliers and adopters are given a platform at the Sustainability Days, where all topics of environmental technology are dealt with in a concentrated manner during two days. Visitors have the opportunity to find out about the latest products and developments in the entire spectrum of environmental technology in a short space of time.

Thus, experts from the following areas or with the following topics are addressed:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Waste treatment and recycling
  • Remediation of contaminated sites and soil treatment
  • Waste gas and exhaust air treatment
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Analysis and laboratory technology
  • Climate change and natural hazards
  • Operational environmental protection and environmental management
  • Consulting, IT and engineering services
  • 5th generation district heating and cooling
    networks, geothermal energy and
    synthetic gases


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