Future-Proof Infrastructure

Future-Proof Infrastructure is targeted towards the global market and gets sustainable infrastructure projects off the ground.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

The Future-Proof Infrastructure was launched in 2023 as part of the Sustainability Days and is targeted towards the global market. The format covers four regions: Americas, Europe, Asia and Pacific, as well as Africa and the Middle-East. With curated early stage projects, it initiates the mediation between project developers and investors in the field of sustainable infrastructure projects.

The hybrid platform includes physical events as well as a digital platform for the curated projects. A dedicated network thus brings together

  • project developers
  • public entities
  • suppliers and
  • investors

on a community platform and gets sustainable infrastructure projects off the ground. Each project is carefully curated using generally accepted standards.


Future-Proof Infrastructure Projects

Discover our curated projects of the Future-Proof Infrastructure. Each project was carefully curated by GIB applying widely acknowledged standards. 

Discover the curated projects

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Livestream Recording 2023

On 28 March 2023, a virtual discussion took place at the Future-Proof Infrastructure on the challenges that infrastructure projects face in order to achieve sustainability, such as financial and political resilience. This virtual congress brought together key international stakeholders, investors and infrastructure experts.

The partner of the format is the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB).