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triply - shaping mobility

Did you know, that reducing the CO2 emissions of your employee's daily commute can save you money? We can show you how your company can use this potential. How to discover it with the help of our software and make it beneficial for your workforce and your business. Come by and let's have a chat.

The complex task of recording the CO2 emissions of commuters is radically simplified. As a result, triply enables easy and fast identification of potential measures to optimize costs and improve the company's external perception.

Benefits for your business

Cost & ressources:

  • Reduction of costs for company vehicle fleet by reducing the number of passenger cars and ICEs for EVs
  • Saving of costs for construction of further and/or maintenance of existing parking areas

  • Prevents possible penalties on emissions

  • Positive signal to investors

Co2 emissions & reporting:

  • Reduction of corporate CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with established environmental standards (ISO 14001, GRI Reporting Principles) and enhancement of sustainability reporting
  • Establishing an image as a responsible company in the eyes of potential employees (employer branding), investors and the general public

Benefits & recruiting:

  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Increasing attractiveness as an employer among potential employees
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improvements in mental and physical health, enhancement of well-being and work-life balance

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