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The electronic patient record (EPR)

With the electronic patient record, the most important health information is in the right place at the right time. With the EPR, Switzerland has for the first time a uniformly defined communication channel through which a patient's most important information can be accessed.

With the "Strategy eHealth Switzerland 2.0", the Confederation and the cantons want to increasingly promote digitisation in the healthcare system. The focus is on the introduction and dissemination of the electronic patient record (EPR). In future, healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals should be digitally networked, be able to exchange information electronically along the treatment chain and use recorded data several times.

With the EPR, patients can provide their health professionals with the most important documents relating to their health - regardless of time and place.

The aim of the EPR is set out in the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record: "The electronic patient record is intended to strengthen the quality of medical treatment, improve treatment processes, increase patient safety and the efficiency of the healthcare system, as well as promote the health literacy of patients."

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