Presentation SmartSuisse 2023

Patented 4D technology for measuring systems

GWF has been investing in research and development for years and has a broad portfolio for measuring flow with ultrasonic technology. The SONICO is used for the measurement and billing of fresh or process water and in the process control of industrial plants.

Leading technology

SONICO® was developed by an international team of experts of GWF on the basis of the "Time Reverse Acoustics" ultrasound method. Based on this, GWF has developed and patented a unique methodology for the processing and correction of ultrasonic signals for flow measurement.  This allows the measurement of fluids at very high resolution in space and time – i.e. 4-dimensional.  The proprietary correction algorithms work on the basis of physical flow profiles. This approach leads to measurement stability and repeatability of the results even under unfavorable installation conditions of the devices. The patent portfolio associated with SONICO® covers fundamental physical aspects of fluid measurement with the corresponding algorithms, mechanical design and production methods.

Special features of the product family

The SONICO® DN50-300 series enables high-precision flow measurement in the range of 5 l/h to 1500 m3/h. This means that the measuring devices measure precisely from the dripping faucet to the  extinguishing operation of the fire brigade.  This very high dynamic requires time measurements without drift and with high repeatability in the picosecond range – even with temperature fluctuations of the flow medium and environment. In addition to the measurement accuracy and dynamic, the measurement stability over the service life of the product and related to the installation situation is remarkable. The products do not need an inlet section or rectifiers for flow calming and can be installed in any position and situation. Furthermore SONICO® offers multiple NFC interfaces for exchangeable communication modules whereby a sustainable communication connection is ensured throughout the lifetime of the product. The modular connection of the communication interfaces ensures unlimited flexibility both for existing and for future communication standards. Of course, the SONICO® offers comprehensive software features, which also cover lifecycle management for the customer in the field. Of course, the product has the usual international certifications and approvals.

Environmental sustainability

The performance of the product makes it possible to deal even better with the valuable resource of water. Thus, the use of the product represents a significant contribution to ecological sustainability. In addition, sustainability is also taken into account in the design and production: The Craddle-to-Craddle design contributes to the  improved ecological footprint of the product. The entire mechanics and material concept of the product are designed for a long service life and recyclability. In this way, most of the materials used can be returned to the material cycle. Ecologically problematic potting compound is also dispensed with. Short supply chains and components and assemblies manufactured by GWF, such as sensors, reduce CO2 emissions in procurement. The product family is manufactured and finally tested at the ISO 14001 certified production site in Lucerne, where GWF has one of the most precise testing systems in the world.