Product / Service SmartSuisse 2023 simplified alarming is a cloud-based monitoring and alerting software that quickly and effectively alerts users to critical events, technical failures and urgent service needs. reliably delivers the right information at the right time, through the desired channels, to the right person(s). It alerts precisely via SMS, phone call, email or, in the future, via app. enables urban infrastructures, security systems, technical devices and in a hundred other areas to communicate directly with the right people. An alert via SMS and/or voice call offers the advantages of being noticed immediately, as the smartphone is one of our daily companions. In addition, several recipients can be stored so that the alarm message is sent simultaneously to all desired persons. In addition, the alarm can also be sent via other reception channels, such as e-mail. allows a unique and individual alarming. Define the time sequence of SMS, call and e-mail. Choose an appropriate tone for messages, turn on repeated notification for your team, and choose the ideal communication channel.

Messages via SMS and calls from can also bypass silent mode on iPhones and Android phones. We configure your individual alerting as you need it!

Possible use cases you can implement with

  • Fire protection
  • Smoke development
  • Flooding
  • Water level check
  • Noise monitoring
  • Counter
  • Level monitoring
  • Movement monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Theft protection
  • Burglary protection
  • Pop-Up Monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring
  • and much more...

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