About Sustainability Days

Die Zukunftsplattform der Schweiz am 28. und 29. März 2023

Moving into the future sustainably

Switzerland’s future-oriented platform

Over the course of two days, the Sustainability Days, with a total of four platforms, will focus on everything to do with sustainability for the city, region, environment, and economy.

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Sustainability has a new meeting place in Switzerland: On March 28 and 29, 2023, the Sustainability Days will present a total of four platforms addressing the sustainable, environmentally conscious and future-oriented development of the city, space, and organisation of both companies as well as the public sector. The Sustainability Days are carried out by the MCH Group at the Basel congress centre. Under the motto “Get things done”, they are about transformation in the both the broadest and the narrowest sense: Against the backdrop of climate change, increasing urbanisation, a new eco-movement, and to an equal extent digital interconnectedness, major challenges are being faced by politics, industry, investors, and infrastructure developers. As a result, more and more technologies, industries, and professional fields are merging, leading to the emergence of interdisciplinary networks. This is exactly where the Sustainability Days come in, networking the decision-makers from the various specialist areas, focusing on the topic of sustainability from different angles and offering concrete solutions. For this purpose, four different platforms are offered, which enable the exchange of knowledge, networking, discussion, and the presentation of solutions and products.

SmartSuisse – Smart up Your City 

SmartSuisse is a congress with an accompanying exhibition addressing the topic of Smart Cities. SmartSuisse brings together decision-makers from cities, municipalities, business, science and trade associations to initiate a dialogue. The mix of congress and accompanying exhibition forms a perfect symbiosis and the opportunity for an interesting exchange.

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MUT – Environmental Technology Trade Fair 

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MUT imparts concentrated knowledge and connects experts from the entire
spectrum of Swiss environmental technology. It brings together various suppliers and users to facilitate an exchange on the latest developments and products for environmental protection. As part of the accompanying exhibition, regional specialist seminars will be held before, during and after the MUT to provide insight into current research, best practices and technologies.

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Re’ Summit – Resources, Reinventions, Renewables  

At the platform Re’ Summit, the spectrum of topics ranges from corporate sustainability
and climate protection to clean energy and sustainable procurement. At the accompanying exhibition, companies present their latest sustainability solutions, while developments are presented and discussed at the congress. The Re’ Summit is aimed at companies, cantons, cities and municipalities as
well as organisations, certification bodies and universities.

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Future-Proof Infrastructure – für eine nachhaltige Infrastruktur 

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The Future-Proof Infrastructure is targeted towards the global market. This
English-language congress covers four regions: Americas, Europe, Asia and
Pacific, as well as Africa and the Middle East. With curated early stage projects,
the congress initiates the mediation between project developers and investors
in the field of sustainable infrastructure projects. The hybrid platform includes a physical event as well as a digital platform for the curated projects. A dedicated network brings together developers, public institutions, suppliers and investors on a community platform and gets sustainable infrastructure projects off the ground. Each project is carefully curated using generally
accepted standards.

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